Pebbles doodled as two people showing love
Pebbles doodled as two people showing love

Let’s first answer the age old question, “What is Love?” The answer isn’t as simple as questioning it because Love is something that is bigger than all of us. You may invite love into your life, however you cannot dictate how, when and where love expresses itself. It is so swift and seamless that nobody escapes it. Love is so unique, it can neither be turned into a reward nor can it be shut off as punishment. It’s present and the feelings will be evoked in all living beings irrespective of their opinions on it.

When this love is invested…

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Over a hundred years ago, the capital of India was Kolkata (then spelt Calcutta). Then the British rulers shifted to Delhi. Now New Delhi, in view of the historical, geographical and strategic importance of the city. Old Hastinapura of the Mahabharata fame is the Modern Delhi. Legendary kings of Bharat and invaders had left an indelible imprint on Delhi. Hence, the British took the above step.

In post-free India, New Delhi is politically the centre. The Central Government is based in New Delhi. However, the financial capital of our country is Mumbai because of its large concentration of business houses…

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Friend, please listen to my silent but eloquent tale. Before being delivered into your hands by the postman, my journey began, I can’t call my journey a happy one. I have traveled hundreds of miles to reach you. There is a saying among the usual folk that whenever you can’t locate an address, your letter will. Such is my glory.

Historians date my origin to the time of Sher Shah, the Mughal King, who introduced the first postal system in India. Messengers carried letters in a huge bag and rode on horse-backs to the neighboring towns to deliver them. Even…

Children carrying things
Children carrying things
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Child labor or child exploitation or child abuse is something that is peculiar to India. Oliver Twist is a concrete example of a boy ill-treated and abused in the workhouse. Perhaps the likes of Oliver Twist are no longer a thing of the past, they are still in our midst, undergoing far more hardships and ill-treatment than were imagined by Charles Dickens.

Owing to the very poor economic conditions, people living below the poverty line send their children to work in factories to supplement the family earnings. …

man looking into mirror
man looking into mirror
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Pride is not a desirable quality. It is a form of arrogance. Pride indicates a puffed-up ego. It means haughtiness, vanity, vain full boasting. Pride is destructive. It destroys the individual.

Jesus spoke of pride. His exact words are like this; He who exalts himself shall be exalted. In other words, he who boasts and brags about himself will not reach the kingdom of God.

In much the same manner, the Bhagavad Gita condemns pride. Pride is called egoism. He who is egoistic will meet with doom. His fall will be steep and sudden.

Almost all religions condemn pride. Pride…


The topic given to me is ‘truth’. What I am going to speak is the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.

Truth is of two kinds. one is the Gospel Truth and the other, the Bitter Truth. Gospel or Bitter, one must speak the truth at all times.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life was an example of truth. Gandhiji vowed to speak the truth, at all times, throughout his life and proved it.

Truthfulness and fearfulness are related to each other. One who is truthful can be fearless. Similarly, one who is fearless can be truthful. …

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Tom, Dick, and Harry were friends. All of them were aged seven or eight years and attended the same school.

They lived in the same place in neighboring houses.

Their parents were loving people and encouraged their boys to watch the world with fun and wonder, and enjoy themselves.

One evening, Tom trudged back home from school. The tree wound through a woodland path. Tall coconut and palm trees, huge banyan and mango trees lined the route.

There was a stream gushing by.

Tom stopped by to watch the flowing stream.

“There flows a stream with a gurgling noise. What…

Black kettle that looks like a pot
Black kettle that looks like a pot
Photo by Tommy Cha Yee Wen from Pexels

“Hi! I’m Kettle. I serve coffee or tea hot. I’m made of aluminium. No doubt my bottom is black because I’m heated on high flame. But you can’t ignore me. I’ve my own utility.”

“See Mr Pot. He is no doubt red. He was baked red. Earlier he was humble clay, kneaded and trampled upon.”

“Mr Pot riddicules me calling me black. So what? Am I less important?”

“There is a nursery rhyme about me. Is there a verse about Mr Pot? How dare he belittle my birth?”

“Each of us have our own utility. I have my place in…

The lives of the opulent and fanciful often seem glamorous, however even the lion’s share of celebrities have issues with money. Despite many incalculable heartrending stories of celebrities who worked their way out of financial distress, the opposite also happens. For many stars, their career arcs turn from riches to rags.

At times, fame and wealth could result in a disastrous spending spree. Many celebrities have ended up declaring bankruptcy and many had trouble paying off loans and making child support payments as well.

Let’s take a loo at some of the people we look up to who lost all…

In the later half of 1996, most of the executives on the board of the tobacco to hotels major, ITC Ld., were sent to jail on charges of FERA and excise violations. This was when the reign of ITC Classic Finance (Classic), ITC’s flagship financial services 49% subsidiary, began to crumble. The various scandals in ITC has definitely had a damaging impact on its brand. This resulted in a lot of desperate fixed deposit holders wanting to withdraw their funds. Almost 50 crore rupees was withdrawn within barely few days after the breakout of such a crisis. This uncertainty eroded…

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