The topic given to me is ‘truth’. What I am going to speak is the truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth.

Truth is of two kinds. one is the Gospel Truth and the other, the Bitter Truth. Gospel or Bitter, one must speak the truth at all times.

Mahatma Gandhi’s life was an example of truth. Gandhiji vowed to speak the truth, at all times, throughout his life and proved it.

Truthfulness and fearfulness are related to each other. One who is truthful can be fearless. Similarly, one who is fearless can be truthful. A truthful man is absolutely free from his worries and anxieties.

Truth is a virtue. It must be cultivated right from one’s childhood. Parents and teachers have a great part in cultivating this virtue in children. Only the truth-speaking children make a nation great.

All religions advise humanity to speak the truth. Gautama Buddha sat under a Bodhi Satva tree to find the truth of life. Jesus Christ was an embodiment of truth.

Realise God by speaking the truth and observing truth in thought, word and deed. If you speak the truth for twelve years, you will have power in your speech. Whatever you say will come to pass.

Aspire to speak the truth. Sacrifice your all for truth. Die for truth. Truth is life. Truth is existence. Truth is knowledge. Truth is bliss. Truth is light. Truth is love. Live to know the truth. Live to realise the truth. Truth is religion. Truth is God.